That’s right only a few days to the grand Royal wedding. We’re all speculating what the beautiful Meghan Markle will wear on the ‘best day of her life’ down and predicting what colour the queen will wear – excitement is at an all-time high! Whilst we wait and theorise over the next few days, all the hard word and preparations are under way behind the scenes to ensure that the wedding runs smoothly. As we know all too well at Berwick!


Is the modern trend for smaller weddings rubbing off onto the Royals? Meghan and Harry’s wedding invitations have been whittled down to just 600 friends and family members. Although this sounds like a lot of guests to you or I, it is considered a small intimate ceremony compared to the previous royal weddings. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 2,000 wedding invitations were considerably higher, even rivalling his grandparents The Queen and Prince Philip. However, topping them both and in the lead is Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding, ranking high with 3,500 wedding guests.


Does this mean that traditional weddings are on their way out? Couples are moving away from simple traditional venues, and warming to more unique spaces with scenic features and huge amount of character. I think it’s fair to say that weddings are becoming more of a personal experience, and this could explain why couples are stretching out their weddings to last over a few days. Couples just want to endure their special day for longer.


Image credit Hello Magazine