The American trend of the Baby Shower is increasingly popular in the UK and a celebration we see many of. Baby showers are traditionally held to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a child and the initiation into motherhood for the mum-to-be. Here are some of our ideas for a fun yet classy baby shower.

Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea is a lovely way to treat a mum-to-be and celebrate the arrival of their little one. And where better to celebrate with close friends and family than at Berwick Lodge? Our beautiful wood panelled Lounge with real open fire offers an intimate and cosy setting allowing you to make yourself at home, relax and enjoy the afternoon. Our Afternoon Tea includes a choice from a selection of our fine teas (or coffee if you’d prefer), sandwiches with a selection of fillings, a variety of cakes and sweet treats, and plain and fruit scones with clotted cream and jam.

Having a themed baby shower will make it fun and unique and allow you to personalise it to the mum-to-be. Does she have a favourite film that you could take inspiration from? Or is there a link with the baby’s name? I personally love the Mad Hatter themed tea party from Alice and Wonderland and this is a theme that you can really go to town on! From having little ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ signs to decorating the table with queen of heart playing cards and miss-matched tea cups and saucers. You could even ask guests to each wear a mad hat or fascinator to fit in with the theme.

Non-alcoholic cocktails or mocktails have recently become the drink of choice for baby showers. As the mum-to-be is unlikely to indulge in a glass of bubbles or a cocktail, mocktails are a perfect non-alcoholic alternative. At Berwick we like to keep up with the latest trends and have created a list of delicious mocktails and cocktails that are an ideal accompaniment to a baby shower. There are even some blue and pink ones on there for those who are looking to follow the blue and/or pink theme! A firm favourite of ours is the Chinese Princess which has fresh berry flavours mixed with the sweet taste of lychee and the sourness of the lime.

Why not add a bit of fun to your baby shower and include some games or activities for guests to take part in? Instead of pass the parcel, you could play pass the dummy. Break up into smaller teams and stand in a line with straws in your mouths, put a dummy on the end of the straw and try and pass the dummy along the line without using your hands or mouth! Whoever gets the dummy to the end of the line first wins. You could also play the baby song game where you have to name as many songs with the word baby in it. Another great idea is to each decorate a baby grow for the new arrival – you can get as creative as you like with coloured pens, glitter and gems!

Gender Reveal
Gender reveal baby showers became a real trend in 2015 and it’s set to continue in 2016. Not only are baby showers being held to celebrate the upcoming arrival, they are now being used to announce the sex of the baby to close friends and family. Popular ways of doing this are by having a cake that is iced on the outside and when you cut into it, it reveals a blue or pink cake or even blue or pink sweets or smarties coming out of the middle of the cake. Another fun idea is to have a giant balloon filled with small pink or blue coloured balloons or glitter so that when you pop it, it reveals the baby’s sex.

If you’re organising a baby shower for a mum-to-be, get in touch with Lauren to discuss your plans, prices and menus, on 0117 958 1590 or