The wedding breakfast is one of the main events of your wedding day – so why not make the table names just as personal as the rest of your day! Here are a selection of ideas you can personalise, and don’t stop at the table names – extend the theme to your invites, favours, table plan and everything in between.

Name each table after a place you’ve visited together. Use a photo for each table marker of the two of you at the location, with a message on the back of the location is special to you.

Showbiz Couples
Choose your favourite famous couples in Showbiz – either Real or Fiction and use an image of them as the table marker, such as Kate & Wills, Ross & Rachel, or the ultimate couple – Posh and Becks!

Same Romantic Word, Different Language
Use translations of the word ‘love’ or ‘marriage’ into other languages for a romantic table theme– simple but effective.

Use meaningful or symbolic lyrics from your first dance song to name each table – with the top table revealing the songs title.

Favourite TV or Film Characters
Theme the wedding with your favourite TV show or your favourite film, and use the characters or episodes as table names. The possibilities are endless here however a firm favourite of mine is a ‘Friends’ theme – use character names for the guests and create your own episode for the Top Table – “The One with the Wedding of…!”

Special Dates
Showcase important dates in your relationship but giving each table a date leading up to the Wedding Day itself. Start with your first date for Table 1 and work your way through your relationship, such as moving in together and getting engaged, finishing with your Wedding date for the Top Table.

Picking your favourite well know pairings is another fun alternative, such as ‘you’re the hip to my hooray’, ‘you’re the tea to my biscuits’ or even ‘you’re the chips to my gravy’ – these can be completely personal to all of the things you both love, giving your guests an insight in to your lives together.

Anniversary Milestones
Naming each table after anniversary milestones such as Silver, Pearl, Ruby and even Diamond is a wonderfully romantic alternative to table numbers. By marking the date and year at which it will take place on the table marker, you are showcasing the commitment you are making to each other and to your guests.

On-Screen Kisses
Pick your favourite or most romantic on screen kisses and use images for the table markers – with a plethora to pick from, a few ideas include Spiderman and Emma Jane – the famous upside down kiss, Noah and Allie kissing in the rain in The Notebook, and of course The Lady and The Tramp over a bowl of spaghetti!

Good Old Fashioned Numbers but Jazzed Up a Little
Even after all these suggestions, you may still be thinking ‘table numbers are more straight forward, but I want to jazz it up a little?’ So why not use pictures of the both of you at the age of the table number – a fun way to get guests talking and for the embarrassing childhood pictures to get a breath of fresh air from the loft!


If you have any original table name ideas I’d love to hear them. Drop me an email to

Image credit Jenny Hardy Photography