Our florist friend Roberta from Sherbert Bloom shares with us her top five summer wedding flowers

From last year’s pampas grass parade paired with blush coloured roses and peonies, we have definitely seen a strong movement towards locally grown, colourful British flowers.

However, we just cannot get all the lovely styles, colours & sensations from our local suppliers & gardens. So a combination of British flowers & specially imported flowers is typical to cover all those exciting current trends.


Here are my favourite top five wedding flowers seen this summer, all of which you could grow yourself:


Number one has to be a quintessential aromatic rose, the shade you like with the scent you love…large blousy head, in a soft shade with a hightened familiar tea rose aroma. Perfect for bouquets or for a wedding gift idea, a rose bush is a great wedding present.

With their sweet fragrance and profuse blooms, roses like these Queen of Sweden are an always-welcome addition to any outdoor space. Image courtesy of victoriamagazine on Instagram.

Check out this nice story about David Austin roses. 



Number two is undoubtedly a fresh peony – luxurious, papery & full headed. It’s so on trend this year. This flower has a short season from June to September. Catch it whilst you can. It is easily grown in your garden and comes in all these shades and shapes.

Peonies are traditionally pink, white or red, but you can also find them in shades of coral, mahogany and yellow.

Image courtesy of Alexandra De Curtis on Pinterest


Number three I would say is a dahlia, these are for late summer & autumn, there is one in particular that is like gold dust ‘cafe au lait’ . It is very boho, both dress it up & down kind of flower, some are as large as a dinner plate and to me are somehow evocative of an old advertisement….. ‘Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate’…..sun drenched poppy field….you know the one…dreamy (showing my age)

Image courtesy of Eden Brothers on Pinterest


Who could overlook the humble hydrangea, you see it everywhere in Cornwall &  France, it’s quite noticeable when you spot one you won’t stop seeing them. This is my choice really, it’s a flower that can come in the palest blue/lavender shade which can be paired with any number of complimentary colours. It’s large head means it fills space, adds texture and drama instantly.

Mmmm dreaming about all the colour combinations I’d like to try right now.

Image courtesy of bhg.com on Pinterest


Number five is a ranunculus, this flower has so many varieties, colours & textures too. I would say that so far this year, it’s multiple peachy tones have been top of the list for brides & florists alike.

Like a rose it has a densely petaled head which shimmers in the light. All the small petals seem to be outlined by a slightly deeper shade. Some are fringed too.

Image courtesy of weddingprecious on Pinterest


So besides these focal flowers, we’ve seen a multitude of gorgeous complimentary flowers such as  scabious, sweetpeas, anemones, astilbe & astrantia.

There are ever growing trends towards dried flowers, seedheads and large leaves. Great news, as we can vastly extend the season for locally grown British garden flowers when incorporating this current dried flower trend.

Happy flowering folks!


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