Imagine the excitement when production company Aspect Film & Video came one Thursday afternoon to little old Berwick Lodge to recce it as a location for filming of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 advert!

After three hours discussing finer details with the producers, directors and stylists, plans were confirmed for filming to commence for 2 days the following Tuesday.

With 4 days to co-ordinate everything, with a bank holiday thrown in for extra pressure, hours of preparation and planning were put in by staff and the production co-ordinators to communicate the tiny details to everyone involved.

Crew took over the hotel on Tuesday morning to start shooting the indoors scenes in the restaurant, summer house and bedrooms ‘Lydia’ and ‘Phrygia’, which took until 10pm that evening to perfect.

Despite the soggy weather, the crew of 40 returned on Wednesday morning along with a cast of 50 actors, a catering van and even independent Wedding Planner, A Day To Cherish. A last minute marquee was arranged to enable the shoot to continue outdoors in the beautiful grounds and just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another retake of the ‘surprise’ another one was shot!

The amount of time, people, work and detail that goes into this 2 minute, 10 second video is a real eye opener for those not in the industry but I’m sure you’ll agree that the end result was worth it.


For more information on hiring Berwick Lodge for private hire photo and filming shoots, call 0117 958 1590.