Ambience – Deciding on the ambience you want your wedding to create can be a daunting task! Gather wedding, home and travel magazines and cut out any images, ideas or photos that catch your eye – by laying them side by side a common theme or colour scheme should arise that sums up your personality and in turn create a wedding ambiance perfect for you. Pinterest is also a great tool too and saves all the cutting out.

Budget – create a spreadsheet of costs, even for the little things, to be detailed. Keeping an eye on your budget will avoid any unexpected surprises.

Ceremony – A wedding ceremony – religious or otherwise, is the most important part of your wedding day so make sure it is personal to the both of you. By involving members of the wedding party or children in the family, they too become part of your special moment, whether it be with a reading or poem that means something to the both of you.

Dress – Picking your Dream Wedding Dress is something you have undoubtedly thought about for many years! Be sure to also consider the practical side to picking your dress – make sure it is comfortable, you can sit down in it and will stand the test of time throughout the day. No bride wants to look back on their wedding day and only remember the dress – for the wrong reasons!

Exclusive use – No bumping into other brides in the toilets! Berwick Lodge offers exclusive use of the lodge and grounds – just for you and your wedding party to enjoy. Have your very own manor house to do as you wish.

Food – Your Wedding Breakfast should be one of the most enjoyable parts of the day – be sure to research caterers or try the venue’s food before booking, to ensure it is up to the standards you are looking for. With our 2 AA Rosettes – this is one thing you can relax about at Berwick Lodge!

Groom – Make sure to involve your fiancé in the decision making process – it is important to show both of your personalities at the wedding and enjoy the wedding planning together!

Here to help – Whether it be at Berwick Lodge or another venue – your wedding coordinator is there to help so don’t be afraid to ask their advice when supplier searching or what ideas will work best at the venue – after all they want the best for your special day as much as you do!

Invites –Invites are often the first peek into your wedding, so make sure they are in keeping with the theme and ignite excitement in your guests. Send save the date cards to give your guests warning, and more time to firm up invite designs!

Just Married –With such a build up to the big day, the actual day will be a whirlwind. Make sure as a newly married couple you enjoy a moment alone together – take it all in and appreciate your months of hard work!

Keepsakes – Wedding Favours or Keepsakes are a lovely idea to pass on a small part of your wedding to your guests. You could combine your guests place names with a keepsake to make a personal yet practical offering!

Love –With all the build-up and planning for the big day – be sure to remember the one main reason you are getting married – Love! After the celebration, this is the one factor that will remain so be sure to treasure it during your newly married lives together.

Memories – Whether it be with a photo booth or caricaturist (or any other memorable activity!) – make sure you have plenty of opportunities to create memories at your wedding, for both you and your guests to look back and fondly remember for years to come.

No show guests –Evening Reception guest numbers are always difficult to predict! At Berwick Lodge, we suggest catering for 80% of your total numbers for evening catering – to ensure there is enough for a light buffet and not large amounts of waste if guests are a no show.

Organisation –The key to enjoying your wedding planning, is to be organised. Make lists of things you need to do and when – mark certain events on the calendar so you’re sure to follow through with deposits or venue visits. By keeping on top of everything, you will be able to relax and make time for the smaller, more fun projects!

Photographer – Meet your photographer at your venue prior to the big day to discuss what shots you’d like and to find the unique little places for them to be taken. Our grounds make for a photographer’s dream with gorgeous points of interest around the Lodge, as well as some quirky indoor areas – essential to have as a fall back in case of bad weather

Quiet time – In the midst of all the wedding planning – make sure you spend some down time -just you and your fiancé – to enjoy each other’s company and keep wedding talk to a minimum. It is important not to lose sight of why you are getting married!

Relax – Wedding planning shouldn’t be a stressful time. If you feel like you’re snowed under take a moment to step back and enjoy the process – you are after all planning one of the most special days of your life!

Seating Plans – This can be one of the trickiest parts of the day to get right! Ensure there are no family divides and mix the two together. Perhaps also think about mixing the type of guests at the wedding (quiet/loud, old/young) to ensure a balance in the room?

Timing – in order to ensure there are no lulls during your wedding day – timing is key. Providing entertainment such as live music or games are great ways to fill gaps during the drinks reception photos, or between the wedding breakfast and evening reception.

Unique – Your wedding should be an expression of you and your fiancé – so make it unique and personal to the both of you by combining your personalities and interests. For an example of a real life wedding where the couple did exactly this, scroll down to Real Life Weddings on this blog.

Vows – Whether you and your fiancé write your own vows, or use pre written – be sure they reflect the both of you and make the promises you wish to commit to each other. By writing your own, you can personalise the commitments which you both know mean a lot to each other – even if it’s putting the toilet seat down!

Weather –We all know the British Weather can’t be relied on – so be sure your venue and photographer have a wet weather plan, to be sure the day is enjoyed come rain or shine!

Xxx – With all the smiling and kissing on the day, keep some lip balm to hand to ensure dry lips are kept at bay!

Young children – Most venues count under 12’s as children –  be clear at the start of the wedding planning if children will or won’t be attending the wedding, as this may influence your venue choice and subsequent decision making! If you do not wish to have your guests bring their children, be sure to let them know in advance to avoid an automatic assumption and later consequences.

Zzzz – Our 12 beautiful bedrooms are individually named and feature their own unique characteristics – inspired by the owner’s passion for ancient civilisations. Which of our luxurious suites will you pick for your first night as Mr and Mrs?